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Currently we have 6054 files in our database.
We have found 56 matching your search criteria.

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File Title Album Time Size Src ?
17 - Arrival.mp3ArrivalThe best of2:502.6 MBG
09 - Chiquitita.mp3ChiquititaThe best of5:224.9 MBG
01 - Dancing Queen.mp3Dancing QueenAbba Gold (Greatest Hits)3:483.5 MBD
04 - Dancing queen.mp3Dancing queenThe best of3:243.1 MBG
Abba - Dancing queen.mp3Dancing queen3:513.5 MBD
Abba - Does your mother know.mp3Does your mother know3:153.0 MBD
11 - Does your mother know.mp3Does your mother knowAbba Gold (Greatest Hits)3:102.9 MBD
Abba - Eagle.mp3Eagle4:224.0 MBD
09 - Fernando.mp3FernandoAbba Gold (Greatest Hits)4:143.9 MBD
10 - Fernando.mp3FernandoThe best of4:083.8 MBG
10 - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!.mp3Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!Abba Gold (Greatest Hits)4:384.3 MBD
Abba - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A man after midnight).mp3Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!4:484.4 MBD
15 - Honey Honey.mp3Honey HoneyAbba Gold (Greatest Hits)3:012.8 MBD
14 - Honey, honey.mp3Honey, honeyThe best of2:552.7 MBG
Abba - I am the city.mp3I am the city4:003.7 MBD
13 - I do, I do, I do.mp3I do, I do, I doThe best of3:213.1 MBG
16 - Abba - I Do, I do, I do.mp3I Do, I do, I doPure Movies3:183.0 MBD
Abba - I have a dream.mp3I have a dream4:434.3 MBD
Abba - I wonder (departure).mp3I wonder (departure)4:314.1 MBD
02 - Knowing me, knowing you.mp3Knowing me, knowing youAbba Gold (Greatest Hits)4:003.7 MBD
Abba - Knowing me, knowing you.mp3Knowing me, knowing you3:523.6 MBR
05 - Lay all your love on me.mp3Lay all your love on meThe best of4:354.2 MBG
Abba - Lovelight.mp3Lovelight3:183.0 MBD
04 - Mamma Mia.mp3Mamma MiaAbba Gold (Greatest Hits)3:303.2 MBD
02 - Mamma Mia.mp3Mamma MiaThe best of3:523.2 MBG
07 - Money, Money, Money.mp3Money, Money, MoneyAbba Gold (Greatest Hits)3:032.8 MBD
07 - Money, money, money.mp3Money, money, moneyThe best of3:052.8 MBG
Abba - On & on & on.mp3On & on & on3:373.3 MBD
Abba - One of us.mp3One of us3:583.6 MBD
12 - One of us.mp3One of usAbba Gold (Greatest Hits)3:423.4 MBD
16 - Our last summer.mp3Our last summerThe best of4:204.0 MBG
15 - Ring, ring.mp3Ring, ringThe best of3:022.8 MBG
08 - S.O.S..mp3S.O.S.The best of3:193.0 MBG
08 - S.O.S..mp3S.O.S.Abba Gold (Greatest Hits)3:263.2 MBD
Abba - So long.mp3So long3:032.8 MBD
Abba - Summer night city.mp3Summer night city3:273.2 MBD
03 - Super trouper.mp3Super trouperThe best of4:103.8 MBG
05 - Super trouper.mp3Super trouperAbba Gold (Greatest Hits)4:043.7 MBD
12 - Take a chance on me.mp3Take a chance on meThe best of3:583.6 MBG
03 - Take a chance on me.mp3Take a chance on meAbba Gold (Greatest Hits)3:553.6 MBD
Abba - Take a chance on me.mp3Take a chance on me2:472.6 MBD
16 - Thank you for the music.mp3Thank you for the musicAbba Gold (Greatest Hits)3:513.5 MBD
Abba - The day before you came.mp3The day before you came5:455.3 MBD
Abba - The name of the game.mp3The name of the game2:442.5 MBD
13 - The name of the game.mp3The name of the gameAbba Gold (Greatest Hits)4:574.5 MBD
Abba - The visitors.mp3The visitors4:264.1 MBD
Abba - The way old friends do.mp3The way old friends do0:310.5 MBD
06 - The winner takes it all.mp3The winner takes it allAbba Gold (Greatest Hits)4:444.3 MBD
06 - The winner takes it all.mp3The winner takes it allThe best of4:554.5 MBG
Abba - The winner takes it all.mp3The winner takes it all4:464.4 MBR

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   Total records listed: 50
   Total size of listed files: 174.31 MB
   Total playlist time: 0 days 3 hours 10 minutes 21 seconds
   Average song filesize: 3 569.84 kB
   Average song play-time: 3 minutes 49 seconds

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