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Download Accelerator Plus 7.1

Free download

Improve download speeds, resume broken downloads, and find mirror sites.

Software: Download Accelerator Plus 7.1
Category: Internet tools and add-ons
License: free
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No. of downloads: 7292

Description of Download Accelerator Plus 7.1

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) increases download speeds by up to 300 percent. It searches for mirror sites that most effectively serve your downloads through multiserver connections for optimal utilization of dial-up or broadband connections. DAP automatically recovers from shutdowns, lost connections, and other errors.

DAP is fully integrated into Netscape, Internet Explorer, and Opera, and offers a toolbar for Internet Explorer with a links catcher and a highlighter. DAP features auto-hang-up after download, proxy settings, scheduling, and a unique AlwaysResume service.

New features in DAP 7.1 include an FTP browser for convenient access and downloading from FTP sites; download previews of media files; a separate listing of completed downloads; a media center for management of media files; and a new design. The new version includes multilingual support for your preferred language interface, including German, Dutch, French, Chinese (traditional), Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Italian.

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