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the definitive Simon and Garfunkel

Album details

Album:  the definitive Simon and Garfunkel
Year:  1991
CD:  MaCD5
Directory:  /MUSIC/Albums/the definitive Simon and Garfunkel
Source:  grabbed
Currently we have 6054 files in our database.
We have found 20 matching your search criteria.

File Artist Title Time Size
01 - Wednesday morning, 3am.mp3Simon and GarkfunkelWednesday morning, 3am2:112.0 MB
02 - The sound of silence.mp3Simon and GarkfunkelThe sound of silence3:032.8 MB
03 - Homeward bound.mp3Simon and GarkfunkelHomeward bound2:262.2 MB
04 - Kathy's song (in concert).mp3Simon and GarkfunkelKathy's song (in concert)3:223.1 MB
05 - I am a rock.mp3Simon and GarkfunkelI am a rock2:502.6 MB
06 - For Emily, whenever I may find her (in concert).mp3Simon and GarkfunkelFor Emily, whenever I may find her2:142.0 MB
07 - Scarborough Fair, Caticle.mp3Simon and GarkfunkelScarborough Fair, Caticle3:072.9 MB
08 - The 59th street bridge song (Feelin' Groovy).mp3Simon and GarkfunkelThe 59th street bridge song (Feelin' Groovy)1:381.5 MB
09 - Seven o'clock news (Silent night).mp3Simon and GarkfunkelSeven o'clock news (Silent nig1:571.8 MB
10 - A hazy shade of winter.mp3Simon and GarkfunkelA hazy shade of winter2:172.1 MB
11 - El condor pasa (If I could).mp3Simon and GarkfunkelEl condor pasa (If I could)3:072.9 MB
12 - Mrs. Robinson.mp3Simon and GarkfunkelMrs. Robinson3:543.6 MB
13 - America.mp3Simon and GarkfunkelAmerica3:313.2 MB
14 - At the Zoo.mp3Simon and GarkfunkelAt the Zoo2:212.2 MB
15 - Old friends.mp3Simon and GarkfunkelOld friends2:332.3 MB
16 - Bookends theme.mp3Simon and GarkfunkelBookends theme1:221.3 MB
17 - Cecilia.mp3Simon and GarkfunkelCecilia2:492.6 MB
18 - The boxer.mp3Simon and GarkfunkelThe boxer5:084.7 MB
19 - Bridge over troubled water.mp3Simon and GarkfunkelBridge over troubled water4:494.4 MB
20 - Song for the asking.mp3Simon and GarkfunkelSong for the asking1:491.7 MB


   Total records listed: 20
   Total size of listed files: 51.83 MB
   Total playlist time: 0 days 0 hours 56 minutes 28 seconds
   Average song filesize: 2 653.91 kB
   Average song play-time: 2 minutes 50 seconds

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the definitive Simon and Garfunkel

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