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Best of Spanish Guitar (2CD)

Album details

Album:  Best of Spanish Guitar (2CD)
CD:  hddN
Directory:  /Alb-new/Best of Spanish Guitar (disc
Source:  downloaded
Currently we have 6054 files in our database.
We have found 32 matching your search criteria.

File Artist Title Time Size
01. Jesse Cook -- Mario Takes A Walk.mp3Jesse CookMario Takes A Walk3:493.5 MB
02. Nova Menco -- El Rio.mp3Nova MencoEl Rio5:004.6 MB
03. Armik -- Pure Paradise.mp3ArmikPure Paradise5:154.8 MB
04. Robert Michaels -- Sunset Samba.mp3Robert MichaelsSunset Samba4:534.5 MB
05. Armik -- For Your Eyes.mp3ArmikFor Your Eyes5:024.6 MB
06. Jesse Cook -- Brio.mp3Jesse CookBrio3:143.0 MB
07. Armik -- Tear Drops.mp3ArmikTear Drops4:584.6 MB
08. Nova Menco -- Journey Intro.mp3Nova MencoJourney Intro2:051.9 MB
09. Nova Menco -- Journey.mp3Nova MencoJourney6:285.9 MB
10. Armik -- Rubia.mp3ArmikRubia5:164.8 MB
11. Lara & Reyes -- Exotico.mp3Lara & ReyesExotico5:305.0 MB
12. Armik -- Sailing To Bimini.mp3ArmikSailing To Bimini5:114.8 MB
13. Nova Menco -- Gypsy Wedding.mp3Nova MencoGypsy Wedding4:444.3 MB
14. Acoustic Alchemy -- Fire Of The Heart.mp3Acoustic AlchemyFire Of The Heart4:063.8 MB
15. Armik -- Veil Of Desire.mp3ArmikVeil Of Desire5:104.7 MB
16. Jesse Cook -- Jump Start.mp3Jesse CookJump Start3:052.8 MB
01. Gypsy Kings -- Salsa De Noche.mp3Gypsy KingsSalsa De Noche3:243.1 MB
02. Jesse Cook -- Tempest.mp3Jesse CookTempest2:582.7 MB
03. Nova Menco -- Gypsy Fusion.mp3Nova MencoGypsy Fusion4:264.1 MB
04. Armik -- Zingaro.mp3ArmikZingaro4:294.1 MB
05. Jesse Cook -- Gypsy.mp3Jesse CookGypsy2:272.3 MB
06. Armik -- Nights In Negril.mp3ArmikNights In Negril4:234.0 MB
07. Nova Menco -- Tigris Palase.mp3Nova MencoTigris Palase4:234.0 MB
08. Robert Michaels -- Paradiso.mp3Robert MichaelsParadiso4:364.2 MB
09. Armik -- Miracles.mp3ArmikMiracles4:514.4 MB
10. Nova Menco -- Alba.mp3Nova MencoAlba4:374.2 MB
11. Acoustic Alchemy -- Amanecer.mp3Acoustic AlchemyAmanecer3:052.8 MB
12. Armik -- Malaga.mp3ArmikMalaga4:414.3 MB
13. Armik -- Fire Dance.mp3ArmikFire Dance4:494.4 MB
14. Nova Menco -- Mediterranean Breeze.mp3Nova MencoMediterranean Breeze4:324.2 MB
15. Armik -- Meet You In Heaven.mp3ArmikMeet You In Heaven4:424.3 MB
16. Paco de Lucia -- Rio Ancho.mp3Paco de LuciaRio Ancho11:3110.5 MB


   Total records listed: 32
   Total size of listed files: 135.39 MB
   Total playlist time: 0 days 2 hours 27 minutes 40 seconds
   Average song filesize: 4 332.52 kB
   Average song play-time: 4 minutes 37 seconds

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Best of Spanish Guitar (2CD)

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