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Nostra DivX Player 2.1

Free download

Play DivX movies on your PC

Software: Nostra DivX Player 2.1
Category: audio/video utitilies
License: free
Download size: 869.65 kB
Screenshot: click to view
No. of downloads: 585

Description of Nostra DivX Player 2.1

Nostra DiVX Player now includes a simple fullscreen interface, hotkeys controls, a codec wizard and support for Real Video, as well as brightness/constrast controls, manual codec selection and vastly improved subtitle support. Nostra DivX Player is a complete replacement for the Windows Media Player. It is capable of playing the DivX format as well as other any other Windows audio formats. It features include a radically different interface, full-screen mode, playlists, subtitles, speed control, and VCD support. It has been deliberately designed for compactness and is able to be run even on very old PCs. The player also includes a Winamp skin importer.

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