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Winamp Lite 5.03

Free download

Play a variety of audio and video files with lite version of this popular player

Software: Winamp Lite 5.03
Category: MP3 players
License: free
Download size: 629.52 kB
Screenshot: not available
No. of downloads: 610

Description of Winamp Lite 5.03

New features in Winamp 5: Support for classic Winamp 1.x/2.x/2.9x skins and Winamp 3 ("Modern") skins, fancy new modern skin, same ol' classic skin for people who want the Winamp 2 feel, advanced title formatting logic for file types that support it, support for playback of AAC and VP6 in NSV files/streams, global hotkey support, options to disable plugin exception handling for developers, new Winamp icon!, added XP Manifest.xml to winamp.exe, made agent icon use configured winamp system tray icon, optimized winamp's load titles on demand logic, made faster, made winamp's internal submenu management more reliable, and added skin font override preferences.

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