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ACDSee Standard 6.0

Free download

Import, view, organize, print, enhance, share, and archive your digital photos

Software: ACDSee Standard 6.0
Category: Internet tools and add-ons
License: free to try
Download size: 11.64 MB
Screenshot: click to view
No. of downloads: 2501

Description of ACDSee Standard 6.0

ACDSee is easy to use for everyone from beginner to professional level, and also powerful and flexible enough to meet your needs as your image collection grows. ACDSee's 3-step Acquire Wizard automatically finds pictures for importing from cameras, scanners, CDs and other devices. See your images and videos instantly. Check details by zooming, panning, or using the magnifying glass view. Correct and Enhance for Superb PhotosUse one-click tools such as exposure adjustment to fix photos fast. Use precision controls for fine adjustments to color, brightness and contrast. Fix red-eye. Rotate, resize and crop to standard print or screen sizes. Plus, apply filters such as sepia for stylish effects. Edit and rename images in batches.

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