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Kazaa Download Accelerator Pro 2.23

Free download

Speed up the download process in p2p automatically

Software: Kazaa Download Accelerator Pro 2.23
Category: File sharing
License: free
Download size: 142.37 kB
Screenshot: not available
No. of downloads: 1942

Description of Kazaa Download Accelerator Pro 2.23

Dramatically speed up your downloads with this add-on for Kazaa Media Desktop. Also works with Kazaa Lite, Morpheus, Grokster, and other file sharing programs. Download MP3s, videos, and movies faster than ever. The Kazaa Download Accelerator Pro will automatically speed up the download process. The Internet-connection optimizer will ensure that your bandwidth is used to its maximum capability. Ideal for those who want to ensure full bandwidth utilization at all times, it has been shown to speed up your downloads by more than 400 percent. Kazaa Download Accelerator Pro is not advertising supported, nor does it require registration, and no information is collected from or about product users. It is very small and easy to use. It comes complete with full install and uninstall, a complete setup wizard, online help, and free unlimited tech support.

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